Welcome to the White Paper

This was built to be built upon, to not dictate design to you, but to give you a starting point when beginning web builds, to get rid of that '*sigh* I have to start all over again' feeling.

View the code on Github here.

The problem: I always find myself either repeating a lot of ground work for every web build I do when I start it, or copying and pasting my last web build and pulling stuff out, so I don't have to do lots of initial repetition. It can be quite time consuming to say the least. The solution: All the basic ground work for a build in a set of files I can pull down or copy and hit the ground running with.

The problem: Keeping basic HTML elements and components style in one place, integrated within the build, but also separate from the sites 'real' pages. A place were modular elements can be added, found via reference and easier duplicate within the site. The solution: An area of the starting file build which contains a styleguide, an easy access reference for styling of elements and components.

The problem: Setting front end coding standards for the team. This can be marking up HTML, structuring Sass files, using consistent design patterns. The solution: A set of files that show the standards, that are also used as part of the build, can act as a reference and starting point (and sometimes aid learning too). With HTML that's copy and pastable, structured Sass files and the beginnings of common JavaScript functions.

The problem: Having to build quickly, getting something into the browser as soon as possible on a web project without too much fuss. Having the ability to wireframe within the browser without set up cost. The solution: A build that comes with minimal styling to make HTML look good, but not dictate any design, whilst content is thought through first and foremost.

This is my solution, this is the White Paper. I've been creating this since I started here at The Lab a couple of years ago, it's gone through many an iteration, but has finally grown into something which I start all my projects with. Now's my time to share it. I felt strongly about open sourcing this, purely selfishly, as I can now use it for my personal projects too. Feel free to contribute, comment and help it grow :) - Ruth